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Additional services may be requested



All dogs are required to have bordetella, distemper, and rabies vaccines. Special cases will made for puppies not yet old enough to receive the rabies shot.


In order to secure booking dates, 1/2 deposit will be due at time of booking. The remaining will be due at drop off.

I can send a Square invoice that would show the deposit needing to be paid, then the remaining would be due on day of drop off.

Payment is preferred via Square Invoice but cash, check, or Paypal can be accepted as well.

Nail Trims

I require all dogs to have a proper nail trim prior to boarding. This is for the safety of your dog while playing. Even dogs who do not jump at home, may jump in an unknown place. Therefore my legs and arms sometimes take quite the beating. 

Meet and Greet

I require a meet and greet prior to booking, This is just a behavior assessment to make sure our place is a good fit for your dog.

This can be done at your home or mine.

Dog Friendly

Because I have two of my own dogs, I cannot take aggressive dogs or high energy dogs. They also must be able to co-exist with other dogs. 


Please bring enough of your dog's food for the entire stay plus 1-2 extra for unexpected flight delays, weather delays, etc.